Well to start if you are reading this... welcome!

I am so happy that you made it to my site.


I've always had my eyes set on being a creative in the fashion industry. I love the beauty of it- the fast paced environment, the never-ending challenges- the excitement that's always around the next corner.


That feeling you get when you buy a brand new pair of shoes or a fabulous new statement jacket and you walk out of the house for the first time....

you feel invincible. You don't care who looks- you don't care what people think- all you care about is YOU and the way it makes YOU feel. You smile thinking about the craftsmanship, design and all the different puzzle pieces that connected to make it complete. That is a true love for fashion.

I like to stay busy. Whether it's designing e-blasts, catalogs, websites, new patterns for product- or shooting the new Spring line & editing endless amounts of photos, I am a busy bee and I enjoy it! I like to have excitement in my day, may it be an out of the blue challenge to resolve or the last few hours remaining in a project deadline- being an art director fuels me. It keeps me learning- it keeps me growing- it keeps me on my toes, and I couldn't love it more. 


My fierce passion and keen eye for design continue to guide me closer to my dreams, goals, and my greatest accomplishments in life. Stay tuned!



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